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Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing

Who We Are

MCF-Red Wing provides treatment, education, and transition services for serious and chronic male juvenile offenders ages 14-20 that are placed at the facility either as a condition of court-ordered probation or as the result of having been committed to the commissioner of corrections.

Juvenile residents participate in the facility’s cognitive/behavior restructuring and skill development treatment program. Risk/needs assessments are completed for each resident, and outcomes are used to develop the resident’s individual treatment plan. Monthly and quarterly reports are used to measure progress toward treatment plan completion. All residents are expected to develop an individualized relapse prevention plan and demonstrate its effectiveness during daily activities prior to their release. In addition, the facility provides a separate community re-entry program for 43 minimum-security adult male offenders.


What We Do

 The mission of the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing is to encourage the development of healthy living and social skills. To accomplish this, we:

  • Establish a culture where the dignity of residents is respected and staff demonstrate a level of care which serves as a model to others.
  • Encourage residents to embrace change in the least-restrictive and safest environment possible, while continuing to protect the public and restore justice for victims.
  • Develop programs tailored to meet the needs of each individual.
  • Improve outcomes by using evidence-based approaches.
  • Utilize community-based and family-oriented intervention strategies while emphasizing the responsibility of the resident.

 The facility has approximately 80 volunteers that are utilized to fulfill the religious, educational, chemical dependency, spiritual, and cultural needs of the residents. All Volunteers are background checked and trained annually.