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Disability Support International

Who We Are

We are Disability Support International (DSI), a nonprofit (nongovernmental) organizations started in 2016, based in Red Wing.

We work to advocate, support, & empower to improve the lives of those with disabilities in developing countries to help better the equality and quality of lives of people everywhere.

Did you know that:

- Many people around the world know little or nothing about the causes of disabilities and so they are often discriminated against, shunned, isolated, abandoned, and cannot develop or succeed, although they have the potential to do so?

- Many development experts now say we cannot adequately deal with extreme poverty if we don't include those with disabilities, because disability and poverty exist in a vicious cycle?

- According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, about 80% of people with disabilities in our world today live in developing countries, where little or no help exists?


At DSI, we believe that: 

  • Equal human rights and a high quality of life should be a reality for everyone.
  • Cross-cultural collaboration benefits us all.
  • We can and should work to reduce the cycle of disability and poverty.???


What We Do

We focus on working collaboratively with partners in targeted countries and communities, to better the lives of those living with disabilities who are most in need in our world today.
We believe in continuous learning from the communities we serve, partners we work with, and other organizations and professionals engaged in similar work.
We aim to contribute positively ?to the global discussion about the rights and value of all children and adults with disabilities and, in doing so, creates meaningful change for all people living with disabilities.
We operate programs here in the U.S. that serve the global disability movement and in the country of Cambodia, where we run countrywide support programming with Cambodian partner organizations. We aim to scale into other developing countries as we develop our program services. 


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